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Today: Feb 19, 2018

Texas Medical Marijuana | TX Coalition for Compassionate Care

Texas Medical Marijuana TX Coalition for Compassionate CareWelcome to the Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care (TCCC). We are compassionate Texans from all walks of life who advocate for the care of our sick, pained and dying through safe access to physician recommended medical marijuana (MMJ). At the core of the medical marijuana issue is our ability to care about our neighbors, and our resolve to treat patients with respect in what may be the most trying times in their lives.

When those around us are suffering from the physical and mental burdens of illness, or wish for comfort and dignity near death, they would benefit from the option of safe access to medical marijuana. Patients who depend on marijuana also need legal protections. The so-called "War on Drugs" is targeting organized crime, not sick or dying patients, and our empathy for the sick and dying compels us to remove them from the battlefield. Safe access to medicines that include cannabinoids (marijuana) is about science, not politics and law; and in the end, for those who need it most, it is only about compassion.TX Coalition for Compassionate     Care

TCCC has no other interest, nor does the organization have any opinion, stated or unstated, about any issue other than therapeutic cannabis (marijuana). All educating, lobbying, communication or any other endeavor of TCCC is limited to the sole issue of marijuana as medicine!

New Texas Medical Marijuana Bill allows the truth to be told to a jury! We have been lobbying for 10 years attempting to pass a bill allowing patients and caregivers to be safe from imprisonment by presnting the truth to a jury of their peers why they used doctor recommended cannabinoid medicine.

10 years is a decade too long...

Allow Texas Juries to Hear the TRUTH!

Patients & Veterans Deserve our Immediate Help!
5-23-2014 We are in the process of updating our website. Please check back frequently. 

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