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Medical Marijuana is a Necessity for Type 2 Diabetics


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Medical Marijuana is a Necessity for Type 2 Diabetics

To start my story off and to tell how I came to decide on the use of Marijuana as a treatment for my Diabetes begins here.  My grandmother suffered from just about all the worst possible ailment associated with Diabetes, before the onset of her diabetes she was one of the most outgoing and compassionate human being I knew.  She had a thirst for life and for family, and I have yet to meet her equal.  As she got into her late 70's, she started feeling the effects of Diabetic Neuropathy in her legs and hands, and her troubles started, with something as so simple as clipping her toenails.  The first infection started in her toenail bed, and soon spread to her entire foot, which shortly lead to her first amputation. With every piece they took off my grandmother, a piece of her spirit went along.  The infection persisted with proper medical help and prescription drugs, they were still unable to stem the infection, and again resulted in more amputations of the leg.

With each amputation another part of the spirit of her diminished. My biggest regret was not fulfilling one of my grandmother's requests, at a family function she asked me to get her some of those marijuana cigarettes, because she knew of my past I have been known to partake in it as a teenager.  My grandfather nudged my leg and said get her some; I truly thought this would help her and my mother overheard and insisted I not give into her request.   Needless to say in the following months my grandmothers health continued to deteriorate, and she died within a month of her last amputation, and I still feel the regret of not giving her the last request she asked me, If I knew, that would have made it any less painful for her or gave her some kind of comfort I will never know, but, If I knew then what I know now it would have relieved her pain and brought back part of her spirit which was lost from this dreadful disease.

My father also a sufferer of Type 2 Diabetes, died from simply bending over to fix a divot in a golf course green. This caused a massive heart attack which he never regained consciousness.  He was kept alive by life support while they tested for more brain activity and to get the family together.  My father had a living will and made us all aware of his decision to remove all life support, after confirming there was no brain activity, our father truly passed away on the golf course, we requested life support terminated. Within a few short minutes my father took his last breaths, God how I loved that man.

Therefore, this is how I got started on my quest to improve my life, living with the complications of Type 2 Diabetes.  A little over 10 yrs. ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, within the first 2-3 yrs. I noticed how my case of diabetes was more closely related to my grandmother than to my father's case and it scared me.  Before I knew it, I was becoming extremely sensitive to the cold of the East Coast environment, and feeling the cold all the way down to the bone.  As the cold winters continued, I started feeling the onset of the Neuropathy in my feet and hands, could not keep them warm, and had lots of tingling sensations and pain.

At this time, my family and I decided to move to warmer climate Texas provided.  This actually worked for about a year or so. The Neuropathy continued to progress to the point that cold weather cause so much pain and discomfort that I could not stay out in it for long periods, and the pain would become unbearable at times.

I went back East to visit some friend during the holidays, and the pain was again unbearable.  While visiting a childhood friend, who suffers from Fibro Myalgia, we were discussing our ailments and the related pain we both suffered, the conversation came up about the use of medical marijuana, and she informed me of her use of medical marijuana and her amazing results in reduction in controlling her pain, and as well as improving her outlook on life.  Then she offers to share this treatment with me.  This was the first pain-free, long night's sleep I had in years.

Now after my trip back East, I returned to Texas with a new outlook on the Medical use of Marijuana.  I did lots of research and found that not only could this treatment relieve my pain and could help to reduce the onset of many other Type 2 Diabetic complications.  Not the least of which is going blind.  The reason I have never taken prescribed narcotic painkillers is the long list of long-term side effects, including damage to the kidneys, liver and other organs. In addition, mostly the long term addiction.

After making an educated decision on the necessity of medical marijuana to relieve my pain and to improve and extend my quality of life, I, yet, had an ethical choice to make. As a veteran, I could not condone the purchase of street drugs, due to the cartels and terrorist involvement in the illegal drug trade.  The choice was clear to me, while doing my research on the benefits of Medical Marijuana I found many web sites full of good people growing their own medicine.  I made the only decision possible for me, and that was to grow my own medication even though it meant additional months of pain.  I would say for a period of just less than 2 yrs. I was able to treat my mind, body and soul with the gift of Medical Marijuana.  The treatments worked, I was able to work a full shift without the constant pain and discomfort of being on my feet, nor in my hands. My vision loss also stabilized, as well as having better circulation in my feet and hands, which enabled me to do more outside and tolerate the changes in climate.

Not to mention, this greatly improved my outlook on my remaining years and the ability to provide for my family.  In addition, maintaining a garden was not only good exercise for my mental acumen knowing that I was providing my own blood free medicine and no one was hurt by my actions.

This all ended on the afternoon of July the 9th, when the knock came at my door.  I have now been forced into legal Hell.  I face two felony counts.  What ever happened to the government by the people for the people?  Our government has failed us not only in the financial world, but also in the fact that our civil liberties have been taken away.

Texas laws need to be changed, Federal and State laws need to be rewritten, The use of Medical Marijuana is the future, the benefits of it uses outweighs some of the more popular prescribed medications, which only fund the pockets of the Pharmaceutical Co. States need to invest in more research in how the use of medical marijuana does affect the outcome of patients that use it.  The cancer patients going through chemo, people that have had chronic health issues, Diabetics, all types of other medical conditions.  The longevity of a person's life, their mental health, all the contributing factors, that need to be made known, so, we can get the laws changed, make the State and Federal Government hear our voices!

J. E. G., veteran of the USN, father of 2, husband, and one of the many voices of America.



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